Warm Water Therapy

Our affiliated therapist from the East Coast, Rebecca Czapnik, and clients, talk about warm water therapies...

In warm water therapies or Aquatic Bodywork modalities such as Watsu®, resting back into the arms of the practitioner you are floated, stretched, cradled, massaged and moved through warm water (34°C-35°C/96°F).

With the use of a nose clip there is also the option of being submerged underwater (Waterdance™️).

Part MASSAGE, part FLOAT TANK, part MEDITATION, part DANCE, the experience is multi-sensorial and has indescribable qualities.

Each session is unique – it may be still or dynamic, playful, graceful or anything in between. It is common to access feelings of trust, freedom and presence at a level elusive in everyday life.

Rebecca is a life-long learner and natural mentor. Inspired by the abundance of Water Wisdom, she shares practices for reclaiming your intuitive nature so that you live from a trusting heart with creativity and soulful purpose.

Rebecca is trained in numerous Warm Water Healing practices including Watsu®, Waterdance™️, Fluid Presence® and Aquatic Integration™️.

For more information about experiencing warm water therapies with Rebecca Czapnik on the East Coast of Australia please visit