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 “The water’s gifts are profound. A trusting space for compassion, surrender, emergence and transformation. Connect deeply with your felt experience in this moment. From that place so much is revealed.”

Rebecca is a life-long learner and natural mentor. Inspired by the abundance of Water Wisdom, she shares practices for reclaiming your intuitive nature so that you live from a trusting heart with creativity and soulful purpose. 

Rebecca is trained in numerous Warm Water Healing practices including
Watsu®, Waterdance™️, Fluid Presence® and Aquatic Integration™️. She is a certified Waterdance™️ Practitioner. 


Having lived and worked in Australia, Mexico, Colombia, Cuba, the UK, Israel and the USA, her immersion with internationally recognised pioneers of water healing, movement and subtle energies is deep and wide.

Even in challenging times of uncertainty and disconnection, we are 60% water. The Earth is 70% water. Our reality is mostly fluid, but we often resist and get stuck in fear. Water Wisdom transforms us from frozen to flowing, rigid to soft. Doubt dissolves into trust. Rebecca’s gentle guidance leads you back to source as you remember the sweet fluidity of being like water.

Rebecca is available for water sessions in Melbourne Victoria and the Sunshine Coast Queensland in Australia.

W: waterwisdomreturn.com

S: rebecca.waterwisdom