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Waterdance underwater warm aqustic therapy


Waterdance (or “Wassertanzen”, the original German name) is a form of hydrotherapy performed in body temperature warm water, during which the receiver is gradually guided through a variety of movements underwater while wearing a nose clip.

Waterdance was originally developed in Switzerland in 1987 by Arjana C. Brunschwiler and Peter Aman Schröter. In 1993 Waterdance joined Watsu and shared knowledge in Harbin hot spring and Europe.

Like Watsu®, Waterdance begins with the receiver being cradled, stretched, and relaxed above the water surface. Then the receiver is given a nose clips and step by step is gently guided under the water into a three dimension space incorporating the out breath with submersion.


The practitioner has to have a well developed understanding and attentiveness to the receiver’s breathing pace. They need to know how to follow the breath and establish strong rapport with his receiver.

Therefore, the Waterdance session must only be preformed by a professional and well trained practitioner to support a safe environment so that the abundance thoughts, emotions and perceptions that can arise are given appropriate support.


In a Waterdance session the surface movements rhythmically match with those underwater in harmony adjusted to each individual’s needs.

Once the entire body is taken under the water, the head becomes supported by the water and the receiver’s body can be moved, stretched, and worked in literally unlimited ways.


The Waterdance session incorporates elements of massage, Aikido, dolphin and snake movements, rolls, somersaults, inversions, dance, and many more.

The effects of this work include physical release such as joint mobilization and can encourage deep states of relaxation.

Waterdance underwater aquatic therapy

Researches have proven that slowing down the breath relaxes the autonomic nerve system and can therefore help in achieving a meditative state and a deep relaxation, as in the Waterdance session the gradual descent of the breath rhythm is supported by the soft, warm water and together gives a continuously flows.


The underwater journey has been described by receivers as profound, graceful, delight, bliss, joyful, spacious, liquid movement, weightlessness, time suspension, nurturing, soothing, unconditional love and coming back to the womb.

As voices are muffled, lights becoming liquidly, weight defused and reduced and in the submergence and emergence movements like dolphin waves, spirals, rolls, somersault and quiet stillness contribute to a physical freedom that can not be experienced on land.

Waterdance underwater warm aqustic therapy

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