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Healing Dance, developed by Alexander George, is a graceful and powerful form of aquatic bodywork, conducted in body temperature warm water, integrating elements of Watsu, WaterDance, Trager Work, movement and dance.


Alexander is one of the first Watsu practitioners who were trained by its founder, Harold Dull.In 1990, practicing Watsu in the water while being a resident at Harbin Hot Springs in northern California, Alexander began experimenting and improvising, discovering new ways the body can move in the water using elements from his background as a professional ballet dancer, choreographer, Trager Work practitioner, and a WaterDance practitioner. What started as a playful movement investigation, refined itself from the pure delight of movement to the realisation of its full healing potential.


This work is based on the philosophy that movements and touch are therapeutic, so the remedial process in the body is activated by experience of the ‘received dance’.  

The technique combines beautiful movements characterised by 3D spaciousness, flawless, freedom, lightness and creativity.


Healing Dance is first and foremost based on three-dimensionality wave movements for the entire body, quiet embraces, releases, tractions, smooth transitions, joint mobilisation and massage, all woven together in the flow.


Empathetic connection is established between the practitioner and the receiver as the practitioner follows the receiver’s rhythmic field at the beginning of the session through breath, movement, and state of mind.


A HealingDance Practitioner is trained to use mindfulness that enables mirroring and following any initial kinetic impulses. Movements are dosed with awareness and are blended and intertwined with restful pauses along with quiet positional sanctuaries to allow for integration of its effects and intentions.


Dancing the receiver, who experiences grace and beauty, can sometimes lead into deeper emotional releases as the receiver feels the psychological reverberations of the movement in their being. The dance between the subliminal message within each movement and the receiver’s subconscious mind awaken many therapeutic levels. Thus, the healing comes from within.


Healing Dance attracts people that are passionate about movement, water, stretching and being touched by grace. The physical experience of freedom is especially beneficiary for those who are unable to stand or walk. For the sportsman, athlete, martial artist, swimmer, diver, and dancer, the movements of Healing Dance are an invitation to joyful participation by allowing their own movement impulses expression.

Healing Dance warm water therapy

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