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Perth, Western Australia | AUD1590

21st to 26th of January, 2025 (Gianni De Stefani)

Intermediate | Prerequisite:  Watsu I®

Teacher: Gianni De Stefani from

About Oceanic Bodywork Aqua 1 Fluid Body Course


OCEANIC BODYWORK Aqua® (OBA) was developed by Nirvano Martina Schulz and Kaya Femerling at the end of the 1980s. They taught and developed it under it‘s original name - "Oceanic-Aqua-Balancing"

OBA® a form of bodywork, that takes place in a warm water pool (34 - 35 °C), combining elements of soft stretching movements, massage and joint release as well as energy and breathwork in a unique way. It invites deep relaxation on a physical and emotional level.

Specially designed movements allow your whole spine to swing and your energy can flow again.

The radius of your joint movements becomes wider and your whole body can be moved in a playful new way because of its weightlessness in the water.


OBA® nourishes the soul and invites you to get to know the healing energies of the water in a totally new way.


Chronic physical pain as well as emotional tensions can be released. Meditation can happen in a very easy and natural way.

What is covered:

I. Bodywork in warm water:

  • Learning the sequences of an OBA® session and their specific movements.

  • Relaxing bodywork and massage-techniques on the water surface.

  • Bodywork, stretching, waving and spiralling techniques, joint release and holding positions under the water surface.

  • Facilitation of breathing techniques above and under water.

  • Exercises for steadiness and centring in the water.

  • Practice of body and breath awareness.

  • Sensibility about the breathing-reflex.

  • Play under water.

II. Integration on land:

  • Integrating and transforming your own process in the safety of the group.

  • Dancing, centring- and grounding-exercises.

  • The art of touch.

  • First anatomical background knowledge.

  • First medical background knowledge.

  • Meditation.

Outcomes of successfully completing this course


  • Perform an OBA session.

  • Receive an internationally recognised professional certificate. 

  • Acquire 50 experience hours towards Watsu practitioner certification.

  • Eligibility to enrol to OBA II.

Duration, delivery, and study load


This is an intensive 50 hour, 6 day course, delivered through face to face training sessions in the pool as well as on land.

Course materials


Included in the course price:

  • A digital course manual.

  • Floats and nose clips for use in the water during course hours are supplied by the venue.

What to bring


  • Printed or digital copies of the course manuals. 

  • Notebook and pen.

  • 2 sets of bathers.

  • 2 sets of towels/bath robes.

  • Flip flops / slippers for convenience.

  • Water bottle.

  • If you require ear plugs please bring enough pairs for the duration of the course.

  • Toiletries, and skin care products for after pool use. 

  • Comfortable clothes for land classes, and for after pool time.

OBA I course at Alfred Cove AIAB.jpg

How to enrol


Get in touch with us to request your enrolment form. 

To enrol in a course: 

1. The course deposit (see Course Fees below) & a completed enrolment form are required in order to secure your spot in the course

2. The full course fees are payable once the course is confirmed by the Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork (AIAB) no later than 30 days before the course commencement date. 

Bank details: 
Account Name: Aquanat Pty Ltd
BSB: 036063
Account Number: 221817
Reference: Student's full name + Course name & Start date


* Please wait for the course confirmation prior to booking travel and it is also recommended to opt for accommodation with a favourable cancellation policy. 

Course fees


AUD600 deposit in order to enrol + AUD990 once your receive the course confirmation email.

The price includes: 

  • Vegetarian food and drink provisions for students to use during the hours of the course.

  • Use of the training centre during the hours of the course, including the pool, the kitchenette, the outdoor lounge area, the sitting areas inside the venue ang changing rooms and showers.

  • Free parking on-site.

  • Digital copy of the course manual

  • Professional certificate upon successful completion of the course.

The Venue


Aquanat training and aquatic centre - home of the Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork. 
Address: 545 Canning Highway, Alfred Cove, Perth Western Australia

Cancellation policy


If the AIAB cancels the course: 

The student will be entitled to a full refund including the deposit. This includes any exchange rate that the student might have endured. This excludes any other expenses the student endured such as for travel bookings and/or cancellation of accommodation. 

If a student cancels their enrolment: 

Any refund or/and cancellation requests must be made in writing to:

  • Cancellation more than 60 days before the course commencement date: Full refund.

  • Cancellation less than 60 days and more than 30 days before the course commencement date: 50% refund.

  • Cancellation less than 30 days: Nil refund , full course fee 100% will be payable.

  • Once the course is confirmed: Nil refund , full course fee 100% will be payable.

OBA® I Course

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