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About Halliwick Foundation course


Halliwick is an approach to teaching all people, in particular for those with physical and/or learning difficulties, to participate in water activities, to move independently in water, and to swim.


According to the Halliwick Concept, physical properties of water form the basis for therapeutic intervention as activities in water have a great physical, personal, recreational and social benefits.


The Halliwick Concept focuses on biophysical principles of motor control in water, in particular by developing a sense of balance and core stability together with the consideration of humans’ emotional needs for mental adjustment and a sense of independence.


The Halliwick Foundation course is intended for existing swim teachers or aspiring teachers wishing to expand their tool kit, as well as to gain a broader understanding of how to help individuals who experience physical or mental challenges become free and independent in water, to swim, and to thrive.


Carers, teachers, instructors, relatives, friends, and therapists of individuals who experience challenges may find this course extremely beneficial.


This course covers the theory behind the method, focusing on The Halliwick Ten-Point-Programme and implementation of the theory in the water.


The principal focus of the Halliwick Concept is on maximising the benefit of water activity for disabled people. However, it is applicable and beneficial to people of any age and of any ability.


Members of school teaching staff and mainstream learners/students, club volunteers and swimmers , physiotherapists, other healthcare workers and patients can all benefit from the Halliwick Concept by developing water confidence, breath control and relaxation that ensures safety in water. Importantly, this is without a false sense of security from, or dependency on, floatation aids.


The basic swimming strokes in the 10PP comprise various forms of backstroke and sculling to move through water vertically as well as horizontally.


The Concept prepares people with any disability (or no disability) to be free and confident in the water and to learn swimming strokes.

‘Halliwick’ is trademarked and Halliwick Foundation Course is approved by and delivered by lecturers who must be recognised by the International Halliwick Association (the IHA). 

The course is also recommended by the Aquatic Therapy Association of Chartered Physiotherapists (the ATACP).

Outcomes of successfully completing this course


Upon completion of this course students receive an internationally recognised certificate of completion issued by the International Halliwick Association (IHA).

The Halliwick Foundation Course develops a clear understanding of the Halliwick Concept of swimming and water activity.

Completion of the Halliwick Foundation Course qualifies successful participants to apply the Halliwick Concept to people (learners/students/patients, referred to in this leaflet as ‘swimmers’ for simplicity).

You will learn to


  • TEACH BREATH CONTROL Breath control is essential, both above and under the water.


  • APPLY, ADJUST AND REMOVE MANUAL SUPPORT FOR SWIMMERS Appropriate supports are essential so that swimmers gain maximum benefit from their water activities.

  • TEACH THE TEN-POINT PROGRAM (‘10PP’) . The 10PP covers: Mental Adjustment – confidence in water including breath control, relaxation, entering and exiting the pool. Disengagement – maximising independence Rotations – transversal, sagittal, longitudinal and combined – the swimmer learns to control and perform these. Up thrust – the swimmer understands the effects of buoyancy and the benefits of weight relief. Balance in Stillness – the swimmer learns balance, core control and coordination. Turbulent Gliding – the swimmer understands the therapeutic effects of turbulence (‘drag’) in assisting movement and strengthening functional activity. Basic Swimming Stroke – the swimmer learns to move through the water according to their ability

  • TEACH ACTIVITIES FOR SWIMMERS Activities for swimmers develop their skills according to the 10PP. Music and games incorporating fun, social interaction and elements such as turn-taking and counting are enjoyable activities that have benefits for swimmers such as education, movement through water, encountering water resistance, belonging to a group and team building.

  • CREATE PROGRAMS FOR DISABLED SWIMMERS Programmes will have individually targeted therapeutic benefits as well as developing swimming skills, particularly in collaboration with physiotherapy goals for individual swimmers.


Halliwick Foundation Course at Aquanat Alfred Cove, Perth, Western Australia

How to enrol


Get in touch with us to request your enrolment form. 

To enrol in a course: 

1. The course deposit and a completed enrolment form are required in order to secure your spot in the course

2. The full course fees are payable once the course is confirmed by the Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork (AIAB) no later than 30 days before the course commencement date. 

Bank details: 
Account Name: Aquanat Pty Ltd
BSB: 036063
Account Number: 221817
Reference: Student's full name + Course name & Start date


* Please wait for the course confirmation prior to booking travel and it is also recommended to opt for accommodation with a favourable cancellation policy. 

Course fees


AUD600 deposit in order to enrol, plus AUD890 once your receive the course confirmation email


The price includes: 

  • Vegetarian food and drink provisions for students to use during the hours of the course.

  • Use of the training centre during the hours of the course, including the pool, the kitchenette, the outdoor lounge area, the sitting areas inside the venue ang changing rooms and showers.

  • Free parking on-site.

  • Course materials.

The Venue


Aquanat training and aquatic centre - home of the Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork. 
Address: 545 Canning Highway, Alfred Cove, Perth Western Australia

Duration, delivery, and study load


The Halliwick Foundation Course is the basic course in the Halliwick Concept, consisting of 4 days of intensive training and includes both theory and pool work.


The aim of days 1 & 2 of training is to enable students to gain knowledge of and practice a concept of teaching people of all ages with special needs to be as competent and independent as possible in the water.


The aim of days 3 & 4 of training is to consolidate knowledge and practice gained over the first 2-days and to devise, plan and record groups and games to promote

swimmer’s progress.

What to bring

  • Notebook and pen.

  • 2 sets of bathers.

  • 2 sets of towels/bath robes.

  • Flip flops / slippers for convenience.

  • Water bottle.

  • If you require ear plugs please bring enough pairs for the duration of the course.

  • Toiletries, and skin care products for after pool use. 

  • Comfortable clothes for land classes, and for after pool time.

Cancellation policy


If the AIAB cancel s the course: 

The student will be entitled to a full refund including the deposit. This includes any exchange rate that the student might have endured. This excludes any other expenses the student endured such as for travel bookings and/or cancellation of accommodation. 

If a student cancels their enrolment: 

Any refund or/and cancellation requests must be made in writing to:

  • Cancellation more than 60 days before the course commencement date: Full refund.

  • Cancellation less than 60 days and more than 30 days before the course commencement date: 50% refund.

  • Cancellation less than 30 days: Nil refund , full course fee 100% will be payable.

  • Once the course is confirmed: Nil refund , full course fee 100% will be payable.

Halliwick Foundation Course

Perth, Western Australia  

Course Dates TBA  |  Join our Mailing List for updates

Beginner  |  No prerequisites 

Teacher: Fezia Tyebally

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