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Aquatic Bodywork

Floating in warm water, held safely by a skilled practitioner,
your body and mind softly revisit spacious new realms...
Dive in and find out more about Aquatic Bodywork Therapy & Training.

The Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork (AIAB) is a leading Australian organisation that  provides high quality training in Aquatic Education and Aquatic Therapy and Bodywork.

The AIAB delivers courses of professional standards which form pathways for students to International practitioner certifications as recognised by the official modality organisations.

International certification in Aquatic Bodywork modalities through the AIAB currently include Watsu® pathways, Healing Dance® pathways, and Waterdance pathways, the Spa Provider Program, as well as The Halliwick Method.

Aquatic Bodwork Training

Aquatic Therapy Modalities

Aquatic Bodywork is grounded in the holistic principle that the body, the mind, and  the spirit are intertwined.


The professionally trained practitioner harnesses the remedial properties of warm water to induce relaxation and healing by carrying out a set of mindful and gentle movements, stretches, and massage.

Aquatic Bodywork has many applications; among which are the enhancement of physical and emotional rehabilitation, supporting prevention and maintenance, as well as providing rejuvenation and leisure in spa settings.

The Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork offers training encompassing internationally recognised aquatic bodywork modalities.

Aquatic Thrapy
Our Community

The Aquatic Bodywork Community

Our vision includes an international community of passionate professionals committed to supporting and promoting aquatic bodywork in Australia.


Whilst most team members are based at different locations nationally, our collective wish is to see aquatic bodywork develop in Australia as it has in so many other countries around the world.

Each professional contributes a unique set of knowledge and skills, together forming and delivering a high quality level of training and service.


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