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Watsu® I & Watsu® II: Back to Back This July 2023!

Updated: May 31, 2023

Watsu® I and Watsu® II courses are scheduled to run consecutively during the upcoming July school holidays, making it easier for you to complete both in one go, if you wish!

This is a great opportunity for those of you especially interested in the Watsu® Spa Provider Program, which certifies Licensed Professionals as Watsu® Providers for 2-4 years at their place of employment or business, where aquatic therapy can be offered to the public, allowing them to offer paid Watsu sessions.

Students often describe undertaking Watsu® training as a profound life-changing experience.

"...the experience went far beyond the benefit for my physical wellbeing, but it reminded me of how we can spread so much peace by the the use of gentle touch". - Watsu Student

On the professional level... you will develop new skills and understandings, fine tune and build upon existing practice, and for some discover a whole new world of therapeutic options and benefits, while meeting like-minded individuals from all over the world.

On a personal level... students are often left with a lasting sense of wellbeing, a sense of connectedness, reduced stress levels, and a memorable experience which they will treasure for the rest of their lives.

"The moment I stepped into the water I felt my whole body sigh with relief. The temperature was that of a carefully drawn warm bath, one which I run when I want to lose myself in the water, suspend the outside world and return to one of life’s simplest pleasures, the sensation of being immersed in warm water." - Watsu Client

3rd - 8th,July 2023

Beginner | No prerequisites

The Watsu® I training is designed to welcome beginners and aspiring practitioners to Aquatic Bodywork as well as helps existing practitioners and Watsu® students to fine-tune and build upon existing skills.

Gain 50 hours towards certification, over 6 intensive days, on your Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association transcript.

10th - 15th, July 2023

Intermediate | Prerequisite: Watsu® I

In your Watsu® II training the sequence learned in Watsu® I is expanded upon with emphasis on developing the students' tool kit of moves further with a richer range of possibilities and skills.

Gain 50 hours towards certification, over 6 intensive days, on your Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association transcript.


545 Canning Highway, Alfred Cove, Perth Western Australia

Facility features:

  • An indoors warm pool

  • Spacious changing rooms, toilets and showers

  • Outdoor lounge area

  • Indoor sitting areas

  • Heating and cooling

  • Equipped kitchenette

  • A Reverse Osmosis purified water system for bottle re-fills

  • Off-road venue parking

Nearby amenities:

  • Perth Swan River, Attadale and Alfred Cove Nature Reserves and Walter Point.

  • Bus stop right next to the centre

  • Cafes, restaurants, shops, grocery stores, post office, pharmacy

a profile picture of a women in a pool with red hair and a black bathing suit


Anat Juran has both international and Australian qualifications.

She is an experienced swim teacher and a trainer of teachers, a Watsu® therapist and instructor, a Waterdance Practitioner, and a Healing Dance Practitioner and Instructor.

Anat is also a registered Somatic Experiencing therapist for trauma resolution offering traditional psychotherapy combined with nonverbal meditative aquatic bodywork.

"Being in the water and connecting with people has been my passion and medicine since I remember myself, hence my life is forever entwined with water and people”...

Why is Watsu® so profound? Read how learning Aquatic Bodywork transformed Anat's approach to her work in the water as well as helped make significant positive changes in her personal life in My Watsu Journey "...the more time I spent in the warm water, holding and being held by others, the better I began to feel."

The Australian institute of aquatic bodywork logo in colour with water reflection

+61 (0)8 9496 1622 | | +61 (0)439 925 952

(WhatsApp & Texting Available)


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