“Being in the water and connecting with people has been my passion and medicine since I remember myself, hence my life is forever entwined with water and people”.

Anat’s long professional experience in aquatic education started with 15 years as a nationally leading competitive swimming coach in Israel, followed by another 20 years of managing her own aquatic centres in Israel and Australia. She developed swimming programs for babies, toddlers, children, and for people with special needs. Her passion for working in the water with people led her to take interest in many forms of therapy including Swedish and Sports massage, Shiatsu, and Aromatherapy, as well as different hydrotherapy techniques including Halliwick, of which concepts she utilises in her swimming programs. Anat is a Watsu Therapist and teacher, a WaterDance Practitioner, and a Healing Dance Practitioner and teacher. She is also trained in Hakomi – a somatic Psychotherapy. Anat utilises Hakomi concepts of mindfulness and self-study in her practice and teaching.


Anat is dedicated to engaging the best international and Australian teachers and educators in order to support and enrich Aquatic Bodywork practices in Australia. 


~ The Australian representative member of the Ethical Committee of the international Aquatic Bodywork organisation (WABR)

~ Australian and International Qualifications and Professional Certificates of Swim Coaching and Teaching of different populations 


~ AusSwim executive member  and qualified instructor specialising in teaching swimming to infants as well as people with disabilities 

~ Watsu and Healing Dance Instructor

~ Watsu,  HEaling Dance, and Waterdance Practitioner

~ Halliwick WST (Water Specific Therapy) Certification  


~ International Senior Trainer in Aquatic Therapeutic Intervention

~ SE (Somatic Experiencing) for Trauma Resolution Graduate


~ Hakomi (Somatic Psychotherapy) Graduate


~ TAE cert IV in Training and Assessment 

~ RLSS Certificate of Pool Operation