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Aquatic Bodywork: A Healing Dance® Session

A Film by Carole Condamine

Produced by Amu Darya Studio

"My name is Carole Condamine and I welcome you into a Healing Dance session.

There are several technics in the family of aquatic bodywork.

I started my aquatic journey by becoming a Watsu practitioner. I then discovered the Healing Dance, a real revelation…

I became a certified practitioner and also a teacher.

It is, in my opinion, the most elegant and accomplished of the aquatic technics. It is based on the healing power of movement in water and it reflects the way the water and the body naturally move together.

Flow, freedom, grace and beauty are suggested to the client through a rhythm, a breathing, a deep touch, some massage and a repertory of movements in order to free their body, their mind and allow them to open the doors to travel towards their inner world.

Being accompanied and guided through a session in hot water will allow your body to free itself from its physical and emotional tensions.

It is also one of the most powerful ways to reconnect with your essence, and to dive into the confines of your inner self to meet yourself.

The journey will begin with the synchronization of our breaths…

The gentle heat of the water will gradually relax your muscles, tendons and ligaments, leaving you to float on the surface of the water freed from the gravity constraints.

The muscles being relaxed by the effect of the heat will be more easily massaged and freed from all tension.

The gentle but deep stretches will restore space, mobility and movement to your body in order to free it from its blockages.

The movements of undulations, spirals, waves and rocking will take you on an inner journey and will allow you to reach a state of letting go and an extraordinary feeling of freedom."

A female therapist is massaging another woman's head in the pool

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