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The Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork Is Soon To Have A New Home In Perth!

Our new specialised hydrotherapy pool centre is about to be completed!

The suburban house at 545 Canning Highway, in Alfred Cove, Perth (Western Australia) our new centre, is going through a significant renovation and transformation.

With an indoor–outdoor covered pool heated to 34-35c all year round, an outdoor sitting area, as well as new changing rooms, the space is designed to be cosy, aesthetic, and personal, to complement our aquatic therapy sessions and to accommodate our Aquatic Bodywork training courses.

We aim to create a relaxing and healthy facility by utilising passive energy design for airflow, soft natural lighting, calming colours, and a vigorous sanitation and filtration system.

All designed to help foster a homely and calming environment that we believe contributes positively to general wellbeing.

The centre will be our new home in Perth; a unique facility where we will offer our aquatic therapies courses and training, water-based therapy sessions, as well as our second location for baby and parent aquatic education classes, our toddler swimming lessons, and our private, adult, and therapeutic swim sessions.

Our goals are:

To bring Perth and Australia up to speed with other international hubs for water therapies such as Watsu, Healing Dance, Waterdance, and the Halliwick method (which are also integrated in our swim instruction approach).

To offer more possibilities for those searching for a therapy that combines the expansive therapeutic properties of warm water with the gentle and professional touch of an attentive and caring practitioner.

And to offer more opportunities for those wishing to train in these innovative modalities.

We hope to officially open in early 2022 and to welcome you there!

Contact us for more information:

+61 (0) 8 9496 1622 | | | +61 (0) 439 925 952


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