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Adaya Juran Aquatic Bodywork community profile picture

Adaya combines her love of water and her joy of working with people, her interest in therapy and wellness, and her vast experience in creative industries, as a 'Jill of all trades' for Aquanat and The Australian Institute of Aquatic Bodywork.

Adaya is the friendly voice behind the phone (especially if she had a sufficient amount of coffee) and administrator, but she also does photography, graphic design, interior design, website design & social media, among other things. She is also a swim teacher and an Aquatic Bodywork student of Watsu and Healing Dance. 

Her credentials include a BA in Psychology and an Advanced Diploma in Photography with a few awards for her artwork as well as academic achievements. An exhibition of her fine art photography has been showing in a few venues in Perth. 

"Until deciding to become involved with my family's business, I think that I took the ability to move freely in water and the joy I feel in this element, for granted. I feel very natural in water, is an element where I find peace, equilibrium, wellness, aliveness, and freedom. Today I know not everyone has this privilege and I thank my mom (Anat) for imparting me with her passion and knowledge. I'm proud that what we do is to help others find and foster this kind of magic too and to improve their wellbeing".

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