Shinzo Fujimaki is an internationally renowned healer who is the founder of the innovative fusion, Shiatsu Yoga, from which he developed the warm-water practices called Energe5c Aqua5c Shiatsu Yoga (E.A.S.Y. also known as Clinical Ai Chi) as well as Fire and Water. These unique approaches to therapeutic exercise maximise health through the use of acupressure and conscious, gentle yoga stretches along the body’s meridians. His methodologies have influenced the development of major modalities of massage like Watsu.


Shinzo routinely teaches professional classes at the Lavey Les Bain alpine wellness spa in Switzerland, and he is the main instructor at Harbin Hot Springs School of Shiatsu and Massage in Northern California, USA where he has taught since 1992. Master Shinzo is a NCBTMB, ATRI certified continuing education provider the United States. He is a former faculty member at Five Branches Institute where he taught advanced oriental massage. His education and training allow him to offer high quality and well-organised courses to students who are seeking certification and continuing education as certified physical and massage therapists.


His leadership in the art and science of bodywork has resulted in an ever-growing list of prominent schools and corporate clients where Shinzo instructs, including the Ritz Carlton of Kapalua, HI, Maui School of Therapeutic Massage, the American Massage Therapy Association, Nebraska Chapter, the International Macrobiotic Shiatsu Society and Body Wisdom Massage Therapy School in Iowa whose administrative director said, “We consider Shinzo to be one of the best Shiatsu Masters in the country and feel blessed to offer his services to our students.”


High accolades follow him wherever he teaches. World renowned best-selling author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus John Gray said, “Shinzo is a great and gifted healer.” Dr. Michael Tierra, OMD, said, “[Shinzo] is without a doubt the most talented individual I have ever had the honor to personally work with in this area.”


Shinzo is a black belt in Aikido and a marathon runner, and he integrates the discipline, training and philosophy of these into the practice of Shiatsu. His own continuing education includes the study of oriental medicine, yoga and the fine art of Japanese calligraphy all of which he incorporates into his teaching and practice to bring the full, rich healing experience to his students and clients. Shinzo believes that everyone has the capacity for self-healing, so his treatment equips clients with the ability to practice healing arts at home. “My role as healer and teacher is not to fix or make outside changes,” says Master Shinzo. “I open energy channels to the higher self, and together we recognize and empower our own capabilities through self-healing, self-expression, self-awareness and self-love.”



Certified Continuing Education Instructor:

Massage: NCBTMB 450775 – 08, Shiatsu, Fire and Water, Shiatsu Yoga, EASY

Aquatic Therapy: ATRI 1114, EASY (clinical Ai Chi)

WABA certified instructor, Shiatsu, Fire and Water, EASY


Certified Tantra Educator (Source Tantra)

Black Belt Aikido (Japanese Martial art)

Japanese calligraphy (high rank)


Creator of:


Shiatsu Yoga

Fire and Water

Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga


Quote by Caroline Muir’s book Tantra Goddess: A memoir of sexual awakening: Chapter 15



Art of Self-Healing - 5 Element theory

Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga

Daily EASY


Also he is completing the books by the end of 2016:

Complete guide of Shiatsu

Shiatsu Yoga

 Shinzo is based in Hawaii and teaches worldwide. His classes are designed for enhancing compassionate Shiatsu into the Aquatic Bodywork training program and will be offered on a five year basis when required.