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Lee Eyal-Shaham

"Water has always been a haven for me. A place for deep healing and quiet observation.

Since a very young age, I would sit for hours on the beach longing for something I thought to be found over the sea.

Eventually, the mystical power of the water and the deep love and respect I have for the ocean drew me to the study of marine biology.

I was researching corals around the globe, was amazed at the beauty and authenticity of nature, and was thrilled with the freedom I was given. But over time, something inside me started to break. I knew my heart wanted to return home to the deepest wisdom within. To the simplest form of love. I practiced yoga, meditation, free-diving, and learned spiritual teachings of many kinds.

In 2010 I was introduced for the first time to the WATSU therapy. 

This modality has captured my heart. It gave me the tools to combine my passion for water with the desire to explore the human nature.

Today I am a Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork practitioner, a certified yoga teacher, a hydro therapist and hold a PhD in Marine Science. My greatest passion is to explore and share the intelligent wisdom of body, mind, and soul, revealed through practices of awareness and consciousness."

More about Lee and Watsu: www.water-healing.com