"My greatest passion has always been the water in all its forms! - Swim, dive, fish, play, meditation and work.

I was born in 1974, in Israel. Presently, I live in Australia where I teach freediving and share a life with Ally- my beautiful wife.

I have been a world class free diver and have held the world record for the deepest free dive without fins (CNF- Constant weight without fins) in 2001 and many national records in Israel between1998-2006.

I have taught Scuba diving for a few years but was always drawn to the silence and the tranquility which derives from freediving and so have stopped teaching Scuba and have only taught freediving since.

I have certified well over 2000 students and am the principal instructor for Apnea International.

In 1998 I have completed hydrotherapy studies and this is where I first heard of Aquatic Bodywork. It came naturally to me and I have decided to pursue this path. I have worked as a hydro therapist in hospitals for a couple of years while completing my Watsu path. I have met Alexander George while doing a Waterdance course and realised that underwater work resonates with me in a profound way. I invested the next few years in completing my Healing Dance path and was awarded teaching status by Alexander.


I started taking photos a few years ago, and never stopped since. I try to combine all of my skills into my work in FreeDiving and photography - I find that breathing, water, nature and a camera are a great combination. On this website I present some of my favorite work from the past few years: www.erezbeatus.com

The photos were taken while traveling to some of the most beautiful locations I have ever visited and aim to capture the beauty of life and nature. Some of the images presented there are a part of an exhibition with the title "water". My Images have been published on many dive magazines and have won photography competitions. I am represented by Diimex Media. I hope you enjoy my work."


Head of education for Apnea International: www.apneaaustralia.com.au

Erez’s Tonga FreeDiving and whale Encounters: www.whale-encounters.com


Erez will be teaching Healing Dance and Conscious Breathing courses at the AIAB.

Erez is based in Sydney and normally spends most of his time teaching Free Diving in some of the most amazing places where people can witness aquatic life from a close proximity. Erez teaches Conscious Breathing and Healing Dance, and will offer his skills once a year.